Canopy and Filter Cleans

After Dark Canopy Cleaners are the experts in kitchen canopy and filter cleaning

A regular canopy and filter service is the best defence against a major fire. Grease and grime get trapped in canopies and filters, reducing fire safety, workers’ comfort, kitchen hygiene levels and the effectiveness of exhaust equipment. We work with clients to develop a canopy and filter clean routine based around their schedules and their needs.

When grease and grime congest in canopy fans and filters, they place extra strain on the exhaust equipment. Infrequently cleaned canopies create a wealth of kitchen problems, from worker discomfort (without proper ventilation, kitchens become hot very quickly), to material wear and tear, to health and safety risks, including fire. To best protect your kitchen and staff, schedule a canopy clean today.

Our Canopy Cleaning Process

Before we begin a regular canopy clean, our specialists will cover all surfaces in the vicinity with plastic and boards to protect your kitchen.

When you schedule an After Dark Canopy Cleaners canopy and filter clean, we will:

Photographs taken before and after the clean can also be provided, as well as service reports and certificates listing the procedures performed.

After Dark Canopy Cleaners are the industry experts. For over 20 years, our family business have provided efficient kitchen canopy and filter cleans Melbourne restaurants, franchises and pubs can count on. For all your kitchen canopy and filter cleaning needs, contact us today.


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