Exhaust Fan and Duct Cleaning

Why Schedule an Exhaust Fan and Duct Cleaning?

Many franchises, pub chains and commercial kitchens order exhaust fan and duct cleaning services less frequently than their canopy cleans or filter exchanges. Exhaust fans and ducts are often overlooked and may only be cleaned as part of Health and Safety compliance orders. These are large jobs, but they can extend the life of your exhaust equipment and improve your business’s air quality.

Routine cleaning of exhaust fans and ducts allow them to perform at their best for longer. As grime, dust, grease, lint, and dead pests (insects and rodents) build up in ducts, exhaust fans have to work harder. Over time, the more the ducts congest, the less effective the fans become. This results in a less hygienic and less safe kitchen.

Ducts and exhaust fans that are not allowed to perform at their best increase the grease and grime in a kitchen — on the walls, surfaces, floor and equipment. This reduces the health of the kitchen, shortening the life of expensive kitchen equipment, increasing the presence of insects and rodents, and decreasing the overall health of the space.

Our Exhaust Fan and Duct Cleaning Services

At After Dark Canopy Cleaners, we provide routine exhaust fan and duct cleaning services scheduled around your commercial kitchen’s needs. At the end of every schedule clean, clients are given a certificate of the services performed, for their records, insurance claims and Health and Safety inspections. Our commercial duct cleaning services include:

After Dark Canopy Cleaners are a family-owned business. We have been in operation for over 20 years. We have the skills, tools and grit for all of Melbourne’s commercial kitchen cleans. So contact us today to arrange your exhaust fan and duct clean.



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